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Organization Name: Achieve Goals, Inc.    I    Federal EIN #: 46-4894164    I    CA Secretary of State #: C3652950

Achieve Goals, Inc. is a dedicated non-profit organization passionate about an individual’s right to dream big. 


Since 2017, Achieve Goals has raised more than $200,000 in scholarships for the community youth given to those who are in active pursuit of their dreams.   

Mission:  Our mission is to enhance our communities by positively impacting individuals through education, the arts, and entrepreneurship.  We strive to inspire the individual to become a more active and engaged member of future generations by providing the tools, programs, scholarships, and opportunities needed to achieve his or her life goals.  We firmly believe that when the emphasis is placed on bettering the life of the individual and by truly advocating the importance of giving to others, we will leave a positive and lasting impression on our world.  ​

Vision:  According to UNESCO data, over 200 million students participated in formal higher education around the world in 2016.  Our vision is to annually help 10 Million students with the support, guidance and resources needed to access American colleges and universities, while facilitating their pursuit in achieving their goals, regardless of race, ethnicity and socioeconomic status.

Target demographics: 100 Million Students and families throughout the world.

Direct targeted beneficiaries per year:  1 to 10 Million Students and families.

Programs: College Recruiting, College Preparation, College Financial Aid and Application Process, Life Preparation, Scholarships, Athletics, the Arts, and Entrepreneurship programs.   

Funding: Achieve Goals has many funding sources that help us to cover the cost of our programs.  We utilize fundraising platforms and partner with sponsors, corporations, as well as individuals who share our vision of supporting the complete person.

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