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Structure & Management

Organization Name: Achieve Goals, Inc.


Federal EIN #: 46-4894164

CA Secretary of State: C3652950

Can I use my sponsorship as a tax write off?

Yes, we are a non-profit and with your donation, you will receive an email confirmation with our 501(c)3 number that can be declared in your tax filings.

How can my company become a Partner Sponsor of Achieve Goals?

Contact Mark Noorzai at to talk about partnership packages. He will respond within 48 business hours and set up a time to connect to learn more about your company and how a partnership can look. 

How much collaboration and idea sharing can be expected by Partner Sponsors?

The entire Achieve Goals program is designed to be a collaborative effort with staff and Partner Sponsors.  We understand that our Partner Sponsors have great ideas, and if they truly add value to the organizations we serve, we will put them to good use.

If we partner with Achieve Goals, does it come with an exclusive for our industry?

In general, Yes.  Core offerings will be given exclusivity protection for their industry. However, it is understood that many of our Partner Sponsors have ancillary offerings may that cause slight overlap.  If your organization has many core offerings, an additional monetary sum may be required to secure exclusivity for vacant industries. 

What does the sponsor donation used for?

Sponsorships are a fundamental component of the Achieve Goals Foundation as they provide the base funding for all of our good works.  All donations go into our general fund to be used for operating costs, scholarships, technology, educational tools, awards, contests, events, or any other creative asset that we can add to our programs. 

How are contests and awards managed?

The Achieve Goals Partner Manager and staff are tasked with the facilitation and execution of all affiliated contests, awards, and the distribution of any associated prize.

Are there scheduled Partner Sponsor Meetings throughout the year?

Yes. Structured quarterly meetings will be scheduled with Sponsor Partners to discuss the Achieve Goals operations, upcoming events and milestones, improvements to the process, and overall collaborative topics that will ensure all Partner Sponsors are participating in the overall direction of Achieve Goals.   In addition, ad-hoc meetings will be scheduled as needed.




What is the cost to become a Partner Sponsor?

All Partner Sponsors will be asked to provide a $25,000 donation to Achieve Goals.  However, if there is a proven and substantial benefit that a Partner Sponsor can provide to lessen the monetary donation, we are open to hearing your creative ideas of how we can add more value to the overall offering.  


What is the minimum term commitment for a Partner Sponsor?

The minimum term commitment to become a Partner Sponsor is 1 Year.  You will be asked to formalize your commitment with an agreement.

What are the payment options to fulfill a sponsorship commitment?

Payments are to be paid for the year in advance.

Are quarterly financial reports shared with Partners?

Yes, quarterly financials and overview will be shared with the group for transparency purposes.



How often are new events added to the website?

Events are added according to sport, music, and art offerings (i.e. Women's National Team Games, Art Exhibits). Events are not necessarily limited to a specific area, but we are based in the Los Angeles area which is why we typically stay around the Southern California area. We try to plan our events approximately 12 months out to give our attendees and partners ample time to prepare. 

What is the event participation commitment from Partner Sponsors?

While our events are a great networking opportunity, it is up to the Partner Sponsor if they would like to attend. 

Who is in charge of managing Achieve Goals Events?

The Achieve Goals Partner Manager and staff are tasked with the facilitation and execution of all affiliated events.  If a Partner Sponsor has expertise in a specified area and is interested in participating more actively, we would welcome the help.


Who is invited to Partner Sponsor Celebration Events?

Partner Sponsors will proudly co-host local organization decision makers and other potential sponsors at our memorable events.  An incredible way to connect with potential customers for your own product/services while demonstrating the value of the Achieve Goals network to new companies interested in joining the cause. 



Partner Organizations



How can I apply to be a Partner Organization?

Contact Ashley Goodrich at to talk about all associated opportunities. You will be asked to fill out an application to further understand the background and history of your organization.  Additional follow up with your organization leadership may be required to verify the application of your vision aligns with the Achieve Goals mission. 

How many Partner Organizations are you working with and what do they get?

In 2020, we will partner with 5 organizations.  These organizations will be receiving our technology, scholarship, academic, and other offerings free of charge.  Each year, the Achieve Goals Team will re-evaluate their offering bandwidth to determine how many new organizations to be included in the Partner Organization program.   


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